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Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves' faces

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After constantly slapping her slave for a week, Goddess Pio decides to use her feet. She is a woman that doesn't want to bother with anything else. When her slave needs to be slapped, she calls him over. She orders him to lick the bottom of her shoes clean and sniff her socks. While he sniffs her feet, she starts to slap him with her feet. She is shocked but too scared to move away from her. He has to take a brutal foot slapping punishment.

Mistress Lea loves humiliating her slave when she delivers a brutal beat down on her foot slave. She takes her high heels and delivers a brutal kick to the face after having her slave suck her shoe. She then slaps him across the face giving him one bar foot blow after another to her slaves face and balls. She loves when her shoe slaves worship her boots and feet and doesn't stop until she wants to.

Mistress Katja sits on her chair as one slave lays right under it. She wears black boots and makes her slave lick them clean by putting them right on his face. Then she removes her shoes to make her slave able to worship her bare feet. She enjoys her power over him...

Mistress Lady Cathy sits on one of her poor slavers with her entire body weight. She makes him kiss her pretty feet and lick them clean. As he doesn't do a good job or maybe not good enough for her, she stomps and slaps his face with her heavy soles. She laughs and continues the evil torture!

Mistress Lea makes one slave lick her sexy white-black pumps clean. He sucks and licks off all the dirt from her soles and after he is done she rewards him. She takes her shoes off and makes him kiss her feet. For every kiss he gets a faceslap with her sexy soles! He continues kissing as she commands and returns his reward with further slaps...

Mistress Lea forces her male slave to lick her sexy black high heel shoes clean, but he doesn't clean them well so she decides to punish him by slapping his face hard using her hands, her shoes and her bare feet. That'll teach him a lesson!

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