Faceslapping Mistress

Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves' faces

All articles in archive 10/2010

Mistress Debby is angry! She is so angry that she just storms into her boss' office to punish him directly. He has declined her raise and that after 15 years working in that company. She slaps his face very hard, over and over again and calls him an idiot and an asshole. Then he agrees to her raise...

This silly guy has cheated on Penelope's younger sister. Now it's time for revenge. Penelope caught him and bound his hands together. She bound them on a tree so that he is totally delivered and helpless. She begins to kick his face a several times and right after that she busts his balls. His arms are lifted and he cannot escape.

Mistress Melissa's slave is kneeling in front of her. She is angry and she needs to quit her frustration on him. First she slaps his face a few times and then she tortures his nipples through his shirt by pulling them. After that she crushes and stomps his hands and fingers very violently.

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