Faceslapping Mistress

Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves' faces

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Mistress Cathy lays on the couch as she slaps her little slave. She loves it to user her sexy large hands to hurt her slaves. She strikes out and her hand lands on the right and left side of the slave. He cries and tears are already dropping down since his face is fire red - but she laughs at him and continues her evil slapping game...

Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria's slave agrees to be slapped 100 times for every single drop of delicious spit he receives from her. She is happy and willing to start - so the slave opens his mouth and she spits a long saliva fiber into his mouth. The payment succeeds instantly! She starts to slap him and he has to count the slaps she performs with her black gloves.

Belinda is really pissed off. She lent a friend some movies, and since one month he doesn't even think of returning them to her. That makes her angry! Now she gets him by his balls and starts slapping his face. He is totally irritated and stutters that he will return the clips - but that's not enough: She notices her power and now she wants to get him to his limits... let's see what she might get out of him...

Lady Celine has her office bitch kneeling on the ground. She grabs him on his neck and teaches him to lick the ground clean. But the slave doesn't do a good job so she needs to take drastic actions: She slaps his face with her bare sexy hands over and over again and continues rubbing his face all over the dirty floor.

Lifestyle Diva Maria doesn't like slaves who are weak - or better: too weak. Too weak to be slapped - and if she talks about slapping she doesn't means the normal "thing" - slapping means beating a slaves face for hours until he cries - and she won't stop before he does. So she starts her cruel game, slapping each face side again and again, over and over again. Will he pass the test?

Mistress Lady Katja and her girlfriend are having a lot of fun making their slave cry! They both make him kneel in front of them. After that they keep slapping his face over and over again - while one of them is holding his hairs, the other girl keeps slapping his face. After that they sit on his face with their sexy tight jeans on and make him kiss and worship their sexy shoes...

Lady Andrea and Lady Anja are really mean today. They both invited a slave to meet them on a parking deck. They immediately start slapping their faces - but that's not humiliating enough! So they force each of their slaves to slap the other ones face - while both ladies can just laugh about their pathetic victims!

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