Faceslapping Mistress

Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves' faces

All articles tagged with "Sole Licking"

Mistress Alita has a shoe slave who worships everything about her, she decides that today his punishment is going to be pain mixed with some humiliation. She begins slapping his face hard leaving red welts on his face as she laughs at his pain. This femdom shows no mercy as she brutally hits him all over his body before he worships her shoes and licks her dirty soles clean.

Mistress Lea is outdoors with her shoe slave and decides that it's time to give a little pain and humiliation to her slave. She has him lie on the ground while she sits on him slapping his hard making it red from the stinging heat. She then uses her dirty sneakers as a treat after all the pain and lets him lick her dirty soles clean before she walks away.

Mistress Maeva makes her slave lick her toes and feet clean. He sticks his tongue in between her toes to lick the toe jam out of the space between. But then he suddenly was a bit too rough to her and she slapped him. He begged her to stop but she continued slapping his face over and over again.

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