Faceslapping Mistress

Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves' faces

The two beautiful Czech girls Dara and Melissa are having a little fun with their slave. One of them is holding his arms behind his back, while the other one is slapping his face with her bare hands. The brutal blows let the loser moan in pain when slap after slap rains down on his red cheeks. The two hot girls enjoy themselves very much.

Just for the fun of it Lifestylediva Maria has decides to find out how much face slapping her slave can take. She puts on her black leather gloves and shows these to him knowing perfectly well the more pain they will cause. So she begins to slap his face while seated on the couch. Kneeling in front of her the slave takes the blows his mistress gives to him. His reward for bearing her attacks? He is spitted in the mouth.

Mistress Ceylan is beating this poor guy. He is owing money to her and she wants it back! Since his wallet is empty she slaps his face asking him when he will get her money back. He is willing to do anything she demands and commands and finally she tells him that he's going to be her slave until the money is back to her...

Mistress Lady Lana has her slave leashed and kneeling on the ground in front of her. She slaps his face very hard and shows him who is in charge! She also put lipstick on his forehead and wrote the word "bitch" on it. She enjoys the way he suffers for and under her...

Mistress Luna has bound her slave's arms together. There's no way out for him and she can finally have her revenge! She found out that he was talking to other girls and now she will punish him for that. She slaps his face very hard using her sexy palms. As he tries to turn his head, she violently grabs his chin and makes leads his face back so she can continue slapping it.

Mistress Celine spit on the floor and now she wants her slave to lap it all up for her. But as he refuses she bursts out in anger grapping him violently by his hair and slapping his face a several times until he claims to be happy about licking the spit from the ground next to her black high heeled boots. She always gets what she wants...

Mistress Luna spanks her slave who is actually bound up with a huge belt using her sandal. She hits his face, his back, his ass and later she even spits on the sole of her sexy black sandal just to humiliate him once more while slapping his face with that shoe...

Mistress Lana loves to humiliate and torture her slaves. In this clip you can see her slapping her slave's face over and over again. He cries and screams and the more he does the more his Mistress is amused and motivated to continue hurting him and making him suffer. Slaves are just good for two thing: Being slapped and humiliated!

Lady Antonia is a 19 year old very demanding Mistress. She knows how she effects on submissive guys like this one shown in her clip. She can use and abuse him in every thinkable way and there's nothing he can do against it because he is weak and addicted. See her making him suck out her foot sweat of her stinky socks and slapping his face.

Mistress Maeva makes her slave lick her toes and feet clean. He sticks his tongue in between her toes to lick the toe jam out of the space between. But then he suddenly was a bit too rough to her and she slapped him. He begged her to stop but she continued slapping his face over and over again.

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