Faceslapping Mistress

Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves' faces

Belinda is really pissed off. She lent a friend some movies, and since one month he doesn't even think of returning them to her. That makes her angry! Now she gets him by his balls and starts slapping his face. He is totally irritated and stutters that he will return the clips - but that's not enough: She notices her power and now she wants to get him to his limits... let's see what she might get out of him...

Mistress Lady Cathy sits on one of her poor slavers with her entire body weight. She makes him kiss her pretty feet and lick them clean. As he doesn't do a good job or maybe not good enough for her, she stomps and slaps his face with her heavy soles. She laughs and continues the evil torture!

Lady Celine has her office bitch kneeling on the ground. She grabs him on his neck and teaches him to lick the ground clean. But the slave doesn't do a good job so she needs to take drastic actions: She slaps his face with her bare sexy hands over and over again and continues rubbing his face all over the dirty floor.

Mistress Lea makes one slave lick her sexy white-black pumps clean. He sucks and licks off all the dirt from her soles and after he is done she rewards him. She takes her shoes off and makes him kiss her feet. For every kiss he gets a faceslap with her sexy soles! He continues kissing as she commands and returns his reward with further slaps...

Lifestyle Diva Maria doesn't like slaves who are weak - or better: too weak. Too weak to be slapped - and if she talks about slapping she doesn't means the normal "thing" - slapping means beating a slaves face for hours until he cries - and she won't stop before he does. So she starts her cruel game, slapping each face side again and again, over and over again. Will he pass the test?

Empress Tales is wearing a very sexy black leather suite in this clip, combined with a cowboy hat. Her slave, a bald head guy, is slapped over and over again. His face looks fire-red and the mistress continues the beating - she doesn't stop even as he starts to cry like a pussy. She increases the power and slaps him much harder...

Mistress Lady Katja and her girlfriend are having a lot of fun making their slave cry! They both make him kneel in front of them. After that they keep slapping his face over and over again - while one of them is holding his hairs, the other girl keeps slapping his face. After that they sit on his face with their sexy tight jeans on and make him kiss and worship their sexy shoes...

Belinda noticed her boyfriend Roger didn't take out the trash and confronts him when he leaves the bathroom. She pushes him into a corner and kicks his balls with her knees. When he begs her to stop the hard ballkicking she agrees under the condition that she's allowed to slap his face as long as she wants. He agrees and Belinda starts an onslaught of faceslaps. Every time he dares to block a slap she immediately kicks his balls again. After some time she finally lets her victim walk - to take out the trash finally!

Lady Andrea and Lady Anja are really mean today. They both invited a slave to meet them on a parking deck. They immediately start slapping their faces - but that's not humiliating enough! So they force each of their slaves to slap the other ones face - while both ladies can just laugh about their pathetic victims!

BBW mistress Cathy tortures her weak and light weighted victim. After she slapped his face a few times she has no problem getting him down on the ground so she can sit on him while slapping his face. This guy has a serious problem with this big and brutal lady pinning him down and slapping him viciously!

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