Faceslapping Mistress

Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves' faces

Mistress Anna and Kathy are having so much fun as their neighbor kneels on the ground in front of them and begs them to let him go. They have caught him as he tried to spy them through the window. Now they punish him. They slap his face, spit on their hands and also in his face and make him lick it all up.

Mistress Kitty makes a nice walk with her slave outside in a park. Then she suddenly stops. She wants to torture and punish her slave a bit in public. That would be a nice proof of his loyalty. He kneels down and she begins to slap his face very hard. She spanks him and makes him suffer for her. Then she humiliates him by forcing him to worship her dirty stinky feet.

Mistress Melissa and Lady Dara are spanking their slave! While one of them keeps him tight and his hands behind him, the other one beats his face over and over again. He suffers for them and they seem to enjoys the power and superior position. He is nothing more than just a punishing ball for them both.

Mistress Lea punishes her slave in this clip very violently and hard. She makes him kneel on the ground in front of her as she slaps his face over and over again with her sexy hand. Then she uses a crop. She beats his face, ass and his back, over and over again until red stripes occur.

Mistress Debby is angry! She is so angry that she just storms into her boss' office to punish him directly. He has declined her raise and that after 15 years working in that company. She slaps his face very hard, over and over again and calls him an idiot and an asshole. Then he agrees to her raise...

This silly guy has cheated on Penelope's younger sister. Now it's time for revenge. Penelope caught him and bound his hands together. She bound them on a tree so that he is totally delivered and helpless. She begins to kick his face a several times and right after that she busts his balls. His arms are lifted and he cannot escape.

Mistress Melissa's slave is kneeling in front of her. She is angry and she needs to quit her frustration on him. First she slaps his face a few times and then she tortures his nipples through his shirt by pulling them. After that she crushes and stomps his hands and fingers very violently.

Lady lea sits on a plastic chair in front of the door. She won't let him get away! His hands are bound together and she enjoys slapping his face with her sexy bare feet. She makes him lick and kiss her shoes and humiliates him all the time.

Mistress Cathy sits on her beaten and humiliated slave. He has lost the fight and she thrones over him while she sits on his chest. He tries to focus his last energy to free himself but its senseless. She slaps his face with her sexy bare feet and laughs about him all the time.

Mistress Katja sits on her chair as one slave lays right under it. She wears black boots and makes her slave lick them clean by putting them right on his face. Then she removes her shoes to make her slave able to worship her bare feet. She enjoys her power over him...

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